My name is Laura and I'm from Mexico City... I was born and raised in the south of the city - the greenest, most colourful part. It was there that as a child I became attracted to different languages and cultures - a passion that led me to travel first around my own country and then abroad.
Working as a business IT trainer enabled me to visit Spain. My experiences there not only helped me to learn about the many different cultures within Spanish society, but also gave me a deeper understanding of my own culture, seeing it from the outside.
But it was in London and Brighton where I found my second home. It was here where I applied my teaching skills to languages and used language to help people learn about the Hispanic world using materials that I develop myself. I started off with just 7 students (1 each day of the week!), mainly people who travelled to Mexico, Spain and Latin America for work, holidays or on sabbatical. The number of students increased very quickly and in addition to group classes and special events, I also taught 270 students in the most prestigious private and state schools in Blackheath and Greenwich. I've been treated amazingly well and meet the most interesting people. I now also work with partners to promote a new, positive and fresh image of Mexico and Latin America. Although years have passed and the business has grown I'm pleased to say my 7 original students are still among those taking classes with me :)

I'm a CRB/DBS checked and registered teacher at the General Teaching Council for England.

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