"Laura is a fantastic teacher who makes learning Spanish thoroughly enjoyable through her diligent preparation of interesting sessions. I am trying to bring myself up to a strong conversational level and Laura has tailored a structured programme which has taken me through all of the key elements, while building my vocabulary. I look forward to my lessons each week and am excited about going abroad to practice! I have got the confidence back to speak in Spanish." Steve Hollander, Banking.

"Laura is the best Spanish teacher I have had. Her classes are clear and interesting and focused totally on a student’s individual needs. On top of that she has a great sense of humour and I really enjoy learning with her. What more could you want from a teacher?" Jackie Wilford, Professional dancer.

"I enjoy Laura’s lessons. She plans them around topical issues which makes them interesting but at the same time covering all the basics of grammar and language. I have made better progress than I imagined possible in the time." Caroline Britton, Accountant.

"The one to one class with Laura works well for me as my confidence to speak Spanish has increased considerably. She is an excellent teacher as she makes each class topic interesting – covering contemporary issues such as the Chilean miners, the Oil leak in the Gulf of Mexico, the World Cup, Wimbledon, etc. She also uses verb cards to force you to learn the major verbs and introduces the tenses alongside these. The hourly lesson seems to go by very fast and I always look forward to the next one!" Jane Gillis, Accountant.

"Laura is a lovely girl and very passionate about her teaching. Her lessons are fun, relevant and interesting. You really want to learn Spanish so you can experience the culture, travel and enjoyment she talks about in the lessons." Jenny-Ann, Events Management/Actress.

"I found Laura's Spanish classes extremely helpful and fun!! Each class was not only presented in a professional, efficient way but was made to be enjoyable as well. I learnt a lot and made me want to learn more!" Valerie Macdonald, Secretary – retired.

"I think the brilliant thing about Laura’s Spanish lessons is that she takes a lot of trouble to prepare for each lesson, carefully considering my interests and areas I need to work on. She tailors the classes to suit me and researches into different topics for discussion, always making it fun and relevant. Each class is varied with a mix of grammar, conversation and games while trying to put into practice what I have learnt in previous lessons." Ella Porter, Magazine Writer.

"The lessons are fun especially when you are learning with a friend! Laura is very well prepared for her classes and always brings wonderful resources. We are both teachers and I think it must be difficult to try to teach two teachers!" Jocelyn Lewis, Secondary School Teacher.

"Sarah and I (daughter/father) have done 12 hours of Spanish with Laura and feel ready to engage in conversations on our holiday in Spain this summer. We have really enjoyed the lessons which have been fun, relaxed and carefully structured to meet our needs and interests. We are looking forward to more lessons in the autumn. Laura es una profesora excelente!" John Wilks, English teacher, university lecturer and Sarah Lynch, NHS Data analyst.

"I thought I was too old to take lessons and learn Spanish, as I tried classes in Salamanca and learnt very little. But Laura’s individual lessons are very much fun and they move at my own pace. If something is not clear I can ask (even in English) until I understand. Lessons are well prepared and she always finds interesting subjects. Laura is very enthusiastic and really positive. This also affects the pupil, which in turn has given me confidence and I made substantial progress with my Spanish. Learning can be fun." Uwe Ploog, Director – retired.

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