"Laura is a lovely teacher. Her lessons are fun, well resourced, interactive and informative. The lessons follow a clear structure and are well sequenced." Christopher Moore, Language Teacher.

"Laura uses innovative ways of making the lessons enjoyable and memorable. Her enthusiasm contributes to the learning willingness to practise and make things stick!" Lola Leewalsh, Management Training Consultant.

"Laura is very patient. She explains things carefully. Her lessons are always very well prepared. She gives us lots of encouragement and I always look forward to the next lesson." Hilary Lawrence, Primary School Teacher.

"I have had 6 lessons so far with Laura and I am throughly enjoying learning Spanish with her. Laura is a very patient teacher and I find her teaching style makes it very easy to follow and learn. I fully intend to continue my lessons next year and in fact will miss not having lessons over Christmas while Laura is away!" Vicky Gould, Personal Assistant.

"Laura is such an enthusiastic and engaging teacher! Her classes are very well thought out and completely tailored to the student's pace and mode of learning. Laura's careful choice of topics has helped me to learn Spanish vocabulary for a wide variety of situations." Chenxin G, Finance.

"I think the brilliant thing about Lauraís Spanish lessons is that she takes a lot of trouble to prepare for each lesson, carefully considering my interests and areas I need to work on. She tailors the classes to suit me and researches into different topics for discussion, always making it fun and relevant. Each class is varied with a mix of grammar, conversation and games while trying to put into practice what I have learnt in previous lessons." Ella Porter, Magazine Writer.

"As a native speaker, Laura has excellent command of her language. She is a natural teacher and is extremely organized. She is always flexible with lesson times and fits what she teaches around what one needs to learn." Katie Weatherall, Journalism student.

"The classes are a brilliant start to learning Spanish. Laura is so prepared and tailors each lesson to your learning style and development. Laura taught us so many different aspects of Spanish too, from conversation about Spanish and Mexican Christmasís to online Spanish TV! Also the way Laura teaches grammar is perfect. We have tried before using material but now it make sense! Laura is an outstanding teacher, an excellent communicator and lots of fun." Tammi Dixon, Ex-Head Mistress.

"Laura is a very good teacher. The lessons are always well prepared and she is really good at explaining things.- particularly verbs! She is very though and very patient too!" Kate Metz, Post-Graduate Student.

"I love my weekly Spanish lesson - Laura is an excellent teacher. I also enjoy learning about Spanish and South American cultures and history. Hopefully one day I will live in a Spanish society..." Alison Smith, Maths Teacher.

"Laura's lessons are always so well prepared and the handmade cards really do help you to learn and also more importantly to remember the new content. The mix of conversation, your own interests and Spanish culture are intertwined with the necessary grammar and verbs so you hardly even notice them! I look forward to the next lesson I am going to have so incredibly I now actually enjoy Monday mornings!" Hannah Walker, Analyst.

And a few more...